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There are 31 jobs found
Job Opening for Accounting Staff: Responsibilities: • Manage and oversee the daily operations of the accounting department • Process month and end year process, accounts payable/receivable, cash receipts, general ledg...

A Customer Service Representative provides support in response to a wide range of customer queries and to achieve immediate resolution whenever possible. To ensure customer satisfaction of the process is also expected and there is no previous experie...

Company Name MSM Services Company Type Private Company Size Large Position Office Personnel (Other) Industry Management , Marketing , Administration Job Type Full Time / Regular Location Philippines, Ortig...

Urgent Hiring Office Staff(Direct Hiring) INFINITEAM ENTERPRISE is a division of My Ads International Link Corporation. S.E.C. COMPANY REG. NO. C8201008470 COMPANY TIN: 007-784-362 Locatio...

Hi All, There is a call center job fair titled "JOBS@NIGHT" on April 9, 2011 Saturday from 4pm to 1am at prestige parking in front of ADB Ortigas (near Robinsons Galleria and Podium). Refer a friend who's looking for a call cent...

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