Diamond Core Driller
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Purpose And Scope Of The Position
The purpose of this position is to provide diamond core under the supervision of project geologists to allow interpretation of geological structures and estimation of resources. It is important that core recovery be maximised, and a drilling bonus is associated with this.

2. Duties and Responsibilities
Your duties and responsibilities will include the following, additional duties may be assigned from time to time as necessary:
• Safe, efficient, and careful operation of a diamond core drill, ensuring safety of all personnel and minimum wear and tear of the machine.
• To adhere to all Health, Safety and Environmental policies of the Company.
• To ensure that all drill helpers perform their duties safely and efficiently. Regular (weekly minimum) tool box talks will be held to remind drill helpers of safety around the drill rig.
• To ensure that the drill site is neat and proper at all times, and that all grease, oils, waste fluids, and garbage are isolated form the environment and properly disposed of.
• To perform pre-operational checks of all equipment to ensure that it can operate safely and efficiently; and to signal immediately any deficiencies for correction.
• To perform normal operational lubrication, oiling and greasing of the drills.
• To provide coaching and training to selected local drill helpers so that they eventually may be able to operate a drill rig.

3. Professional Requirements / Qualifications
The Diamond Core Driller:
• Must have 15 years + experience as a drill operator
• Bilingualism in French and English is preferred.
• Previous overseas experience is essential preferably in Africa or other developing nation.
• Must be able to train local personnel with limited reading and writing ability.

Salary offered: 38000 - 50000 pounds per annum

Should you be interested please forward a detailed CV to or call our offices on

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