Homeland Security Positions
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Homeland Security Positions

Vocational Employment Institute

For Federal Employment

Under the new Administration millions of new job openings are becoming available. Tens of thousands of job openings across the United States in all fields of employment.

Average salary for full-time employees: $60,517

Take Action Now and become a part of it.

Applications Now Being Accepted apply Via Mployd only.

The nation's largest employer wants you to:

Address the tough challenges that our country is facing today.

Contribute to projects that affect the lives of over 300 million people.

Help make a difference.

Explore a career with the Federal Government and enjoy all of the great rewards of being a government employee.

•Meaningful, challenging work
•Flexible work schedules
•Training and development
•Student loan repayment
•Competitive Salary
•Great benefits
•Comprehensive health coverage
•Job Security
•Generous vacation and leave policies

Pay is only part of the compensation you will earn working for the Federal Government. The U.S Government offers a broad array of benefits programs and family friendly flexibilities to meet the needs of you and your family. Here are some highlights. Look for additional information along with links to pages that spell out the details below.

•The U.S Government health insurance program is a nationally recognized model that offers you choice and flexibility along with a substantial employer contribution to premiums. And you can pay your share of premiums as well as your out-of-pocket costs with pre-tax dollars.
•The U.S Government leave policy provides ample time off to take care of your personal, your recreational and your health care needs. In addition to 10 paid holidays every year, you will accumulate 13 days of sick leave each year along with from 13 to 26 vacation days, depending on your years of employment.
•To help you manage responsibilities outside of your jobs and enhance your peace of mind while you are at work, Federal agencies offer a range of family friendly flexibilities including flexible work schedules, telework; child care and elder care resources; adoption information and incentives programs; child support programs, including subsidies and dependent care flexible spending accounts; and employee assistance programs.

In addition to these programs that we know will be of interest to you right now, the Federal Government recognizes the need for income replacement and income support benefits down the road.

•The U.S Government 3-part retirement program includes a social security benefit, a 401(k) type plan, and a defined benefit component based on years of employment and salary history.
•In addition to retiree health insurance benefits under the FEHB Program, you also will be eligible for Medicare.
•You will be able to choose among several options for life insurance coverage for both you and your family members.
•The U.S Government offers the largest group long-term care insurance program in the country. As a new employee, you can apply by answering just a few simple questions. And you can tailor your benefits package to your own needs.

As a new employee, you may be eligible for some special bonuses such as a recruitment bonus or a relocation bonus. This will be at the discretion of your employing agency. Other programs you may want to ask about include: incentive awards; employee development programs; student loan repayment programs; retention allowances; and interagency transfers. All agencies support community service and encourage participation in the annual combined Federal campaign.

General Clerk Positions

Agricultural Community Aid, Health Aid, Technician, Pathology Technician, Animal Health Technician, Hospital Housekeeper, Patient Services Assistant, Biological Technician, Hydro logic Technician, Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacy Aid, Biological Student Trainee, Industrial Engineering Tech, Medical Photographer, Cartographic Technician, Irrigation Systems Operator, Physical Science Technician, Construction Controller, Laboratory Support Worker, Physical Therapist, Consumer Safety Inspector, Mathematics Technician, Physician Assistant, Cryptanalysis Technician, Medical Aid, Medical Clerk, Plant Protection Technician, Plant Protection Officer, Dental Assistant, Medical Health Study Trainee, Psychology Aid, Psychology Technician, Dental Laboratory Aid, Dental Laboratory Technician, Medical Instrument Technician, Quarantine Protection Officer, Diagnostic Radiologist Technician, Medical Nursing Assistant, Radio Operator, Drug Program Specialist, Medical Records Librarian, Range Technician, Drug Treatment Counselor, Medical Records Technician, Recreational Aid, Recreational Assistant, Economics Assistant, Medical Supply Aid, Rehabilitation Therapist Assistant, Medical Education Teacher, Surgical Assistant, Respiratory Therapist, Electronics Technician, Medical Technician, E.K.G. Safety Technician, Meteorological Technician, Scientific Aid, Engineering Draftsman, Nuclear Medicine Technician, Social Service Aid, Social Service Assistant, Engineering Technician, Nurse, Soil Conversation Technician, Environmental Health Technician, Nursing Assistant, Nursing Aid, Surveying Technician, Surveying Aid, Environmental Protection Assistant, Draftsmen Technical Aid, Equipment Operator, Emergency Room Nurse, Nursing Assistant, Therapeutic Radiologist Technician, Forestry Technician, Paramedic, Truck Driver, Truck Driver Delivery, Tow Truck Driver, Truck Driver Trainer, Trucking, Truck Driving, Truck Driving Jobs, Truck, Local Truck Driver, Clerk, File Clerk, Payroll, Legal Clerk, Receiving Clerk, Insurance Clerk, Front Desk Clerk, Medical Billing Clerk, Accounts Payable Clerk, Billing Clerk, Clerical, Administrative, Medical Clerk, Clerical Assistant, Clerical Support, Part Time Support, Clerical Administrative, Administrative Clerical, Administrative Clerical Office, General Clerical, Office Clerk

Law Enforcement and Protective Services Positions

Accounting Technician, FBI, ATF Officer, Computer Clerk, Fire Protection Officer, Air Marshall, Construction Inspector, Fire Prevention Specialist, Air Safety Investigator, Consumer Safety Officer, Food and Drug Inspector, Airport Screener, Contact Representative, Food Inspector Trainee, Air Traffic Controller, Air Traffic Controller Assistant, Correctional Officer, Forensic Investigator, Court Assistant, Court Attendant, Fraud Investigator, Investigator, CIA Officer, Casino Control Inspector, Criminal Investigator, Court Clerk, Game Law Enforcement Agent, Aviation Security Specialist, Crime Information Advisor, Security Guard, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, Customs Aid, Health Care, Police Officer, Customs Inspector, Entry Level Highway Safety Officer, Clerk, Bailiff, Customs Inspection Officer, Home Building Licensure Officer, Bank Examiner, Customs Patrol Officer, Housing Police Officer, Bank Examiner Trainee, Customs Warehouse Officer, Immigration Inspector, Immigration Officer, Border Patrol Officer, Data Control Clerk, Intelligence Aid, Intelligence Clerk, Bridge Police Officer, Deputy, Municipal Court Administrator, Intelligence Research Specialist, Campus Police Officer, United States Marshal, Internal Security Officer, Campus Safety Specialist, Detention Enforcement Officer, Juvenile Correction Officer, Internal Revenue Agent, Car Inspector, Disaster Assistant Investigator, Student Trainee, Child Labor Inspector, Emergency Dispatcher, Investigator, Claims Examiner, Docks Guard, Land Reclamation Inspector, Code Enforcement Officer, Code Enforcement Inspector, Education and Training Technician, Law Clerk, Communications Clerk, Environmental Protection Assistant, Legal Clerk, Legal Clerk Assistant, Community Corrections Assistant, Federal Protective Officer, Legal Support Technician,

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